STEP 1: Meet With Client

Meet with client(s) on site or in office to discuss intent of project and review rough drawings or sample drawings of proposed construction. When dealing with clients outside of Kingston, initial communication through email is advised. Scanned documents pertaining to the project are always helpful. A list of all your desired design criterias is also useful. If available, a copy of the property survey should accompany documents.

STEP 2: The Design Costs

The design costs associated with the construction project are outlined and payment schedules established.

STEP 3: Contract and Downpayment

Our design services are retained with contract and downpayment.

STEP 5: Preliminary Drawings Revisions

Client reviews preliminary drawings and identifies desired revisions. The best method to communicate revisions are through scanned copies of preliminary drawings marked with revisions.

STEP 4: Preliminary Drawings

Preliminary drawings are created and sent to client for review.

STEP 6: Preliminary Drawings Approval

The preliminary drawings are revised and sent to client for review and approval. Step 5 and Step 6 are repeated until the client is completely satisfied with product.

STEP 7: Construction Documents

The construction documents are completed and upon the clients request, the building permit application is prepared.

STEP 8: Client Obtains Documents

The client obtains documents, signs building permit application and issues payment for construction documents.